Where it all began

My story started 10 years ago when my son was diagnosed with autism. I became obsessed with psychology, human behavior, and social dynamics. I still remember the day I was told he was autistic. I was working as an account executive with Yellow Pages, sitting at the Holiday Inn after a business meeting. I recall that moment like it was yesterday. I have since dedicated my life to understanding how the human brain works. 

Back then Google was just breaking through into mainstream conversation and there was a massive paradigm shift in how consumers were seeking out products and services. Less and less people were using traditional media - big companies were realising that Yellow Pages, TV and Radio were not as effective and communication was rapidly becoming an even playing field. I saw a huge opportunity for brands to tell their story via the internet so I opened a production company that was focussed solely on storytelling. 

Those who tell the stories rule the world
— Plato