Humanize You
Humanize You
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Why storytelling?


Reach is no longer the problem. You can reach people now basically free. The biggest problem we are seeing on the web today is the quality and depth of content being produced. It lacks engagement and connection. As a result nobody is listening and consumers are getting more ruthless with their time. We humans are not stupid, both you and I know when we are being sold to.

A lot of brands’ default communication is regurgitation and push selling with a spray and stick mentality in a desperate need for Google's attention (SEO), which is at the cost of human attention. Ad agencies want you to create mass content in favour of drawing traffic through Google. This drives me nuts because the poor brand ends up burning thousands of dollars every month on getting traffic but receive very little engagement or connection i.e. conversions.

My argument with them is get the message and quality i.e. story right. THEN conversions are higher when the traffic arrives. We believe the most important asset you have in today's communication is grabbing and keeping people's "attention" We couldn't be living in a better time or have more opportunity. I mean stories have been around for centuries - this is nothing new but what a time to be alive, what a time to tell your story to the world!