Find & Craft Your Story

Find & Craft Your Story


With Michael Hanson, "The Spielberg Of Sales & Marketing"

Most people want a million-dollar "Hollywood Production" but can't afford it! Every major movie goes through the same process to create a truly powerful story.

I have created this package to support businesses and entrepreneurs, providing a clear blueprint of what a successful Hollywood Blockbuster needs to craft a story in a compelling and meaningful way. 

This package will serve as a complete pre-production plan ready for filming and editing!

So Here's Everything You Get...

  1. -Hour Director’s Session 
    [Develop the story architecture & framework with Michael]  ($650/hour value)

  2. 225 word Power Script  + Shot List 
    [Crafted and designed by a professional film writer which will give you around a 90 second film which is best for attention span and conversions.] ($600 value)

  3. 10-Frame Storyboard 
    [Visualisation and concept of the story] ($350 value) 

  4. Location, Sound, and Lighting Planning 
    [Where will the film be shot? Choosing the right time of day and considering sound]

    Call Sheet [Film Day Organisation]
    ($200 value)

  5. Character Planning 
    [Who will be in the film?]

    Character Coaching
    [How to be at ease with the camera; What to wear]
    ($650/hour value)

  6. Film Equipment Recommendations 
    [You are given the option to Do-It-Yourself, IF on a limited budget]

    Music Recommendations [Music is a powerful driver of story]
    ($200 value)

  7. Video Marketing Coaching [How to capitalise on your new film] ($650/hour value)

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